Noel Pagan hit the ground running with the release of his knockdown dragout smash dance single, “Silent Morning” released in the first half of 1987. We had to wait until September of 1988 for his first album to be released in its entirety. Another hit to come off was “Like A Child”, while songs like “Change” and “City Streets”, among others, further demonstrated Noel’s writing skills and vocal talent.

In 1990, Noel cameo’d on “How Could You Have The Heart” by “house” artists Girls-Club, as well as releasing the maxisingle “The Question”, a collaboration with Tony Moran, which proved to be another powerful megahit for him. One of those songs that as soon as you hear it, you’ve got no choice but to hit the dance floor. If one puts it together, this 1990 tune could almost be a continuation of the story told in “Silent Morning”.

When 1993 rolled around, “The Question” was re-released on a project which included several artists, the end result being the album “Concept Of One”. However, Noel found his musical heart in a different place at this point, and decided to experiment with “pop-rock”. The album entitled “Hearts On Fire” continued to showcase his maturing writing ability, and proved further vocal range for the deep-voiced artist. One of the songs was even featured in an episode of “Baywatch”. Despite the quality of this album, it wasn’t accepted very well by the general public, as many of them couldn’t get the “freestyle artist” label out of their head when it came to Noel.

September, 2001 brought us Noel’s new one, a collaboration with producer FORD. “Will I Find True Love”. Going for “trance/tribal” now, Noel is currently working on an album with the likes of Eddie Arroyo and Eddie Baez.