From The Today Show on NBC, ABC’s Good Morning America, NY Times, and Billboard Magazine…
Lucas Prata’s duet with Dan Balan of O-Zone “Ma Ya Hee-Dragostea din Tei” (The Numa Numa Song) has been keeping the Ultra Records franchise busy. “Ma Ya Hee” originally recorded and produced by Dan Balan of O-Zone has been #1 in 27 countries and has sold over 8 million singles throughout the world in various languages. Not having impacted the United States with the foreign language versions, it was logical for Ultra Records to team up Lucas Prata with Dan Balan to re-record a translated English version of the song.

Prata has been making personal live appearances as well as live on Air performance in support of his release of his version to CHR/POP Radio stations & TV affiliates in Canada, Chicago IL, Orlando FL, Tulsa OK, Providence RI, Washington DC, New York, Connecticut and New Jersey. As he travels to these markets on his days off from recording his long awaited album, he is preparing for the launch of his fourth single “And She Said…”
(Co-written and produced by Valentin).

“And She Said…” will be different from the past three singles I have put out” says Prata. “This single will show growth in my writing as we focus on Rhythm/Top 40 radio as well as Hurban Stations across the country”. The Pop single will feature various club friendly remixes as well as a Spanish, Spanglish and a Reggaeton version for his Hispanic fans around the world.

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