Kim Sozzi’s self-titled debut album is a sexy electronic pop album that showcases her extensive vocal range and lyrical creativity. Having worked with top-name musicians and having her songs used in various mainstream entertainment projects, Kim chose to sign with Berman Brothers’ label BAB Music when the labels came knocking.

Growing up in musical surroundings, it’s no wonder that Kim developed the desire to perform at an early age. “My grandmother was opera singer, my grandfather is a Latin percussion player and my dad is a piano player and bandleader. So I guess you could say my childhood was anything but conventional.”

During her teens, Kim sang with a number of groups in genres ranging from jazz, musical theatre, and the church choir. It wasn’t until she moved from her hometown of Melville, Long Island to New York City that she really began to focus on a full-time career in singing.

Armed with voice lessons, weekly club gigs, family support and determined perseverance, Kim gradually began to write her own songs as her skills in pop music developed. “I write from the heart, usually about situations that have touched and affected my life and changed me as a person. These are songs that people across the world, of all ages and ethnicities, can relate to. I know that if I have felt a certain way, there are many others out there who have experienced the same feelings. It’s nice to know that your emotions are understood.”

It wasn’t long before Kim’s sexy, vulnerable voice, energetic persona and hard work began to pay off. Her first bi break came when one of her songs, “Letting Go”, was used on and episode of the popular television show “ Dawson’s Creek” and added to its soundtrack. An appearance on the Teaching Mrs. Tingle motion picture soundtrack with the lead single “Till I Cry You Out of Me” quickly followed.