Giggles was born in Santurce, Puerto Rico she moved to New York at the early age of eleven where she obtained her vocal and musical talent.  She studied at Lehman college and got her degree in the performing arts.

Giggles became very popular in the club scene with her first hit single “Love Letter” it was a huge cross over hit throughout the country.  After a few years on hiatus she meant the talented producer Charlie”Rock” Jimenez through a mutual friend and shortly thereafter began working on the single “What Goes around Comes around”

Giggles won the best dance song of the year in 1992 New York music awards for the song  “What goes around comes around”.  She has toured the country and her songs have been in the billboards top 100.  Her album included such hits as “He said she said” which also played in every major radio station.

Giggles has relocated to South Florida and is currently performing in clubs throughout the country.  She’s in the studio working on a new album which is set to be release this coming year.

Giggles aspirations are refreshingly clear and exciting and will surely continue to be reflected in her music for years to come.